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Collagen- The building blocks for healthy skin, flexible joints, and strong ligaments & bones

Apr 18, 2024



Collagen is the most abundant protein in your dog’s body. It is a structural protein that acts as a glue holding the body together.


  • Building Block for Ligaments, Tendons, Joints, Bones, & Skin
  • Promotes Joint Mobility
  • Reduces Joint Pain
  • Strengthens Joints
  • Makes Joints More Resilient
  • Maintains Gut Health


 Your dog does not receive collagen from a kibble, canned dog food, or meat source!!!

 Collagen is dosed in grams. If you are giving a capsule it is likely not enough.

Collagen supplements should be from grass fed, hormone free, non-GMO sources.

 Consumer Health Research has found that 40% of collagen supplements failed quality testing.