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Blood Test for Early Screening of Cancer in Dogs

May 18, 2023


 Cancer is the #1 cause of death in dogs.


There is a simple blood test to screen genetic markers for 30 types of cancer. 



            What does this mean to you and your dog ?

This is a great way to screen for cancer but is just one piece of the puzzle. 

The test does not tell you what kind of cancer your dog has

A negative result does not necessarily guarantee that your dog does not have cancer.


A positive result means that your dog probably has cancer.

If your dog got a positive result the next step is to look for where the cancer is and what kind of cancer type it is.

Diagnostics like ultrasound, xrays or CT, & biopsy would be done by your veterinarian.

But early detection helps to either treat the cancer or better care for your beloved dog! 


This is what the results would look like:



If you get this result I recommend to re-test in a year.



Where do you get the test ?  Your regular vet (ask us if you are having difficulty finding it [email protected] )


         When should you test your dog ?   Beginning at age 7,      unless  your dog is a high risk breed like boxer or mastiff or others on oncoK9 list of high risk breeds


        How much does the test cost ? Depending on the clinic the cost ranges from $400-$700