Hoof Care Evaluation / Consultation

Equine Solutions for Improving Your Horse’s Hoof Care

“NO HOOF NO HORSE” — Xenophon, 400BC


There is considerable controversy about how to care for the equine foot.

Natural     Barefoot     Shoes     Corrective Shoes

The equine hoof is a biological structure that is affected by the forces that act upon it.

These forces include:

  • Environment – wet, dry, soft, coarse
  • Activity Level
  • Genetics
  • Prior hoof care
  • Nutrition

Dr. Finn has extensive experience and knowledge regarding the equine hoof.  She evaluates every horse and their hooves as an individual. Dr. Finn works with owners, farriers, and hoof care professionals to find solutions that are best for the horses comfort and performance.

What’s the right choice for you and your horse? Dr. Finn helps you navigate through the worldwide controversy to decide what’s the best solution for you and your horse… Natural?… Barefoot?… Shoes?… Corrective Shoes?…

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